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MetaOutput Community Manifest


MetaOutput was created to make the work of programmers easier and more efficient.

Functionality of the program has already been improved and continues to improve.

As result, large number of users appeared and now I have lot of communications, inspiring and disappointing.

I thanks to everyone for that. Even to those who did not appreciate results of my work.

As before, I will answer to all comments and all requests. I will also respond as quickly as possible to any found bug in the program.

However, such communication takes up more and more time that I could spend on improving the program. In this regard, this process should be organized and systematized. It is a reason why this document appears.



I created MetaOutput for myself and for everyone who wants to use it.

Its creation took more than 6 years of my life, and became a part of me.

Therefore, problems with the product became my problems, and attitude towards the product became equal to attitude towards me.

Over the past years, I have met many wonderful people who want to make this product better.

I am grateful to everyone who is not indifferent, who wrote extensions to MetaOutput, who offered great ideas, who reported found bugs, who wrote positive reviews, and who simply supported me with a kind words.

Thanks to all!



There are people who come to communicate with claims. They are all alike in that they don't see any advantages of MetaOutput at all, but they see only disadvantages. Even when only one of such disadvantage is found, or even it is invented.

They never say "thank you", but they always say that I owe them something.

It is a very "specific" gratitude...

There are very few such people, but communication with them eats up huge amount of my time. That time which I could spend improving the product!

If you such human, once you will see that I don't answer you.

It doesn't mean that I agree with you or you won...

It tell that I don't want waste my time!


With respect

Viacheslav Lozinskyi

Author of MetaOutput.

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Great tool. Thank you for the hard work put in it!

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